Embarrassing Street Views Caught By Google Camera (17 Images)

Girl Sitting On Top Of a Car When people are waiting for someone, they sit inside the car and not on the top of it. We are assuming that she didn’t have enough petrol in the car which is why she preferred to turn off the engine and wait outside. But even then, sitting on […]

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All of us have seen certain photographs going viral on social media and we get so impressed at the sight of them that we start sharing and commenting on them. These photos are normally emotion triggering and so you aren’t able to control emotions when you have a look at them which is why they […]

Richest Politicians In The World And Their Fabulous Fortunes (15 Images)

Queen Elizabeth II – $500 million So if you thought that Queen Elizabeth owns half Britain then you are just so wrong. She has barely a half billion written to her name. However, it might be that she hasn’t shown everyone that what her actual worth is but if you look at the paperwork then […]

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Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd: 218 days Marriage is a bond which is there for it to stay forever. But when it comes to these celebrities, I bet that you would change your mind or they would make you change your mind. Because they have one of the shortest marriages in life. now for instance, […]

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Austrian Army Loses 10,000 Men by Attacking Itself You are not alone in having those embarrassing moments, because I think that the Australian army would lead the charts. Yes, they have done something so embarrassing and yet as an army that would make you laugh no matter what. back in 1788, the Australian army was […]

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Eminem Just like any of the other humans these celebs that we see also have habits which are unique and sometimes weird too. there are a lot of famous and favorite celebs that you will find on this list who will have the most bizarre habits and you would be so much amazed. Eminem is […]

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All of us admire celebrities and the lifestyle that they enjoy but very few people accept the fact that whatever luxuries that these stars enjoy are a result of the hard work and the effort that they put in to earn everything that they have. From big houses to luxuries cars, they have it all […]