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Embarrassing Street Views Caught By Google Camera (17 Images)

Girl Sitting On Top Of a Car When people are waiting for someone, they sit inside the car and not on the top of it. We are assuming that she didn’t have enough petrol in the car which is why she preferred to turn off the engine and wait outside. But even then, sitting on […]

20 Fake Viral Photos That Fooled Everyone (19 Images)

All of us have seen certain photographs going viral on social media and we get so impressed at the sight of them that we start sharing and commenting on them. These photos are normally emotion triggering and so you aren’t able to control emotions when you have a look at them which is why they […]

20 Crazy Photographers Would Do Anything For The Perfect Shot (20 Images)

Quite Hurting Photographers are someone who would do anything and they would go to any extent just so that they could get that perfect shot. Well, we know that some of you might not be getting it but people who have seen these professional photographers work or they are themselves, photographers, then they would know […]

Top 10 World’s Richest Men with their Wives and Girlfriends (10 Images)

Mark Zuckerberg, C0-Founder of Facebook married to – Priscilla Chan I don’t think so that Mark Zuckerberg is the man who needs any introduction. There would be just very few people who wouldn’t know about Facebook or the owner of Facebook. Anyway, but he is one simple man, and inspite of having a net worth […]