Top 10 Biggest and Most Expensive Celebrity House (10 Images)

All of us have certain dreams about the kind of a house that we want to live in and most of us dream about a house that is spacious, luxurious and expensive. And no matter if we can afford it or not, we have all day-dreamed about such a house that we can call ours […]

Top 10 Unluckiest People Who Ever Lived (10 Images)

All of us think that we are the unluckiest people on the face of this earth just because someone we love ditched us or we had a horrible day at work. The fact is that we don’t realize that there are people who have had a greater share of challenges and they are the ones […]

Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQs (15 Images)

James Franco – 130 Why is it that we assume that all the hot faces that we see on our screens wouldn’t have brains? Like it has officially become a faith that there is no beauty with brains. But here we are, to break all the stereotypes and we would let you know that there […]

Top 10 World’s Richest Men with their Wives and Girlfriends (10 Images)

Mark Zuckerberg, C0-Founder of Facebook married to – Priscilla Chan I don’t think so that Mark Zuckerberg is the man who needs any introduction. There would be just very few people who wouldn’t know about Facebook or the owner of Facebook. Anyway, but he is one simple man, and inspite of having a net worth […]